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                                                                   Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

At Allendale, you’ll find...
warm, real people of all ages
relevant messages you’ll be able to use each week
a safe place to ask questions and get help with real life issues
ways to connect with God on a personal level

We want to walk with you in your personal journey of faith. Why not check us out this weekend?

Do people come to Allendale who are new to church or have not been in a while?
Yes -many. If you are new to exploring faith, we are so excited to have you join us! Come hang out with us, make some connections, and take your time on this journey of discovering God. We are happy to walk with you all along the way.

Small groups and worship services meet year round and welcome new persons at any time. No previous church or Bible study experience is required. One of our favorite sayings around here is "any question is a good question." Know that no matter who you are, or where you life is, there is always a place for you and those you love at Allendale.

Where are you located?
3803 Haines Road North
Between 9th and 16th Streets in Northeast St. Petersburg, FL
For a Map & Directions to the church, Click Here.

Where should I park?
The parking lot across the street from the church will put you closer to the sanctuary entrance. The parking lot behind the church will put you closer to the nursery and classrooms.

For accessibility information, Click Here.

What should I wear?
We don’t care what you wear! We just want to get to know you. Wear something casual and comfortable. You will see everything from jeans to sports coats.

What are your worship times?
9am Contemporary Worship
11am Traditional Worship

For more information about our worship styles, Click Here.

Do I have to stand up or be recognized in church?
No. We do not ask guests to stand up or be recognized. There is a greeting time in both services where everyone stands to welcome each other.

Do I have to sign an attendance pad?
At each service, an attendance pad is passed down the pew. Everyone is asked to sign, but the choice to sign is yours. As our guest, signing the pad will allow us to send you a letter of welcome. You are encouraged to take a copy of the monthly newsletter and any other information you find in the pocket of the pad.

The attendance pad is one of the many ways persons may communicate with the staff and the church office. Feel free to record contact information, a prayer request, a question, or a comment. The attendance pad is also a great way to make an appointment with a staff member.

Do I have to give money?
You are our guest. You are welcome to participate in the offering, but it is not expected or required.

Are children welcome in worship, and is there childcare available?
Children of all ages are welcome to stay with you throughout either worship service.

If you prefer, a free nursery is provided for children up to age five from 8:45am-12:15pm. During the 9am service, all children meet in the crib nursery located in the breezeway. The breezeway is best found by entering under the green awning off the back parking lot. The crib nursery is for 0-2 year olds at other times. The toddler nursery (2-5 year olds) is located down the sidewalk from the crib nursery in room 108.

Children grades K-5 are invited to children’s choir practice half way through the 9am worship services. During the 9am service, children may attend children’s choir in the choir room. After the service you may pick them up there or you may instruct us to take them on to their class for the 10am Discipleship Hour.

What exactly is the Discipleship Hour?
We have small groups for all ages that meet during the 10am Discipleship Hour on Sunday mornings. We also have small groups that meet during the week. Adults, teens, and children are all encouraged to be in a small group. Small groups are the best way to grow in faith and build lasting friendships.

For a list of all our Sunday small groups,  

For a list of all our Midweek small groups,  

At Allendale, any question is a good question, so if you don’t find the information you need, please e-mail us or give us a call at (727) 527-6694. 
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