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                                      Messiah's Minions Youth Group

We get excited when new faces show up to be                                                                                                               a part of Allendale and our youth group. 
We have a place for you!  Our youth director,                                                                                                            Leia Thomas is excited about using your talents                                                                                                         and abilities to serve others and grow your                                                                                                        relationship with God and discover His plan                                                                                                                    for your life? Take time to try us out and join                                                                                                                 walk with Jesus.

Our student program serves 6th-12th graders 

Sundays, 10 am-11am
These classes include games, role playing, and                                                                                                        Bible stories with emphasis on applying the                                                                                                             lessons to your life in practical ways.
6th Thru 12th grade class, youth room

Messiahs' Minions -Tweens and Teens STUDENT IMPACT (UMYF)
Wednesdays, 5:30 pm-7:30 pm, Family Life Center
This group meets year round.
We start out with hang out time, dinner, games and end 
the evening with Devotional Time. 

Throughout the year, we attend Christian concerts, enjoy lock-ins, assist in leading Sunday worship, and help the community through service projects. For many of us, the highlight of the year is attending a week long summer camp in Leesburg Florida.

For more information call us at 727-527-6694 or e-mail us at Allendale@tampabay.rr.com.

July 2014

Messiah's Minions have been hard at work and having a great time. We accomplished sending all of  our youth to Warren Willis and will be leaving July 14th. We did a beach cleanup for the end of the school year at Sunset Beach. We had fun in the sun, ate lunch, then walked the beach helping cleanup. We are welcoming new students moving up from 5th grade to 6th grade. We did not have any graduating seniors this year. 

Now that school is out we are planning a few movie nights, setting back up the volleyball net across the street for some games. We will also each be taking on a service project over the next few months. 

In class we have been learning about love in all its many forms. Our classes included love for family, friends, partners, and most important God's love for us. Up next we will be learning about different religions and studying the book of Revelations in our new Bibles. Finally, I am looking for an adult volunteer to help out on Sunday mornings during Sunday school. Pray and search your hearts to see if you or someone you know might be the right fit to help out with the ​Minions.

Be sure to stop by and see what we are doing!! 

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