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                                                WOW Cards

“Wow” from the Trippers to Cheryl and Harry Volkman thanking them for planning such fun bus trips and for safely driving us there and back. 

A grateful parishioner sends a ”Wow” to the sanctuary team; Laurie Hempel, Marge Footlick, Sandra Hickey, Evelyn Wilty. These women faithfully straighten and resupply information in the pews every week. It is time to recognize them!

Reed and Tom Gregory send a Big WOW to Ruth Spangler who is an outstanding volunteer. Her inviting manner is evident when she answers the church office telephone. We appreciate her willingness to serve. 

Grateful members send a "Wow" to Jean Mash, Glenn Connolly and Sandra Hickey to thank them for devoting every Wednesda morning t sorting all the items brought into the flea market!

Ed and Laurie Hempel send a big "Wow" to Winifred and Jim Pfister,and Lorena Walton and all who helped with the flea market.  We're so grateful for their time and efforts.  God bless each of you!

Martha McMilla sends a "Wow" to Marla Radigan.  She teaches Sunday school and she and Charlie prepare coffee and goodies every Sunday. 

Lynda Beltz sends a “WOW” card to Bob Grainger. God bless you for giving so much of yourself to your Allendale family. You are always there to help with anything we need and extra!

A grateful member at Allendale sends a “WOW” card to Suzy Hutto, Cheryl Volkman and all who helped with Earth Day. To thank those who spent countless hours planning and presenting our Earth Day Event. The talent and varied interests made a great impression.

Grey Welsh sends a “WOW” card to Cheryl Volkman and Suzy Hutto. Thank you for all your long hours and dedication to our first Earth Care event. You provided us with so much valuable information and fun. Thank you  

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